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Museum Wraps

Multiple Options to Make Your Gallery Wrap Unique




Heavy Duty Frame – 1.5" Thick

Canvas is wrapped around a 1.5” thick wood frame.






Black or White Wrap
Black or white wraps around the sides of the canvas.

Color Wrap
Pick a color to wrap around the sides of the canvas.

Image Wrap
Image wraps around the sides of the canvas.






Protective Finishes

Our gallery wraps are designed to last for decades without a protective coating. However we do offer three varnish finishes to enhance your print and increase the longevity of your print.


Matte Varnish
Flat appearance that does not reflect light and has little contract qualities.

Satin Varnish
Has some sheen and is more reflective than Matte but less than that of Gloss.

Gloss Varnish
Highly reflective and is excellent for color definition and high contrast printing.

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